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Here are some main highlights with offerings.
Feel free to contact me with your own unique idea, so we can bring it alive.

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Capture your special moment

I put all my creativity into creating a unique, personalised artwork for you. Be it a personal gift for a loved one, a unique piece in your decor.
'My illustrations will capture your special moment.'

If It’s for a special moment, a cherished memory,  special event or a small moment to remember.


My illustrations will be a timeless reminder for these unique moments in your life.

Discover the endless
digital magic

I believe in the magic of ART.
The expression of love, joy and beauty can even be transmitted in digital artwork.

Digital illustrations can be used online and also printed. Be it an personalised illustrations for a unique card (birth, funeral, wedding), posters, books or a beautiful illustrations for on your site or socials.
The possibility are endless.

Bring your own idea to life

I love to connect with you.
When you share your dreams,
memories, or a special moment with me,
I feel the energy and emotions behind it.
This becomes the inspiration for the unique creation, that you will receive.

X Lot

Have a chat with me
Life illustrations for you


Make your day/celebration unique with

life drawing(s) on location. 



moment in your shop or at work

special events

To learn more about my artistic journey, please get in touch.

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